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Water, water, everywhere, and all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink. The purpose of this poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge may be different but, it holds the ground in the form of paradoxes in some parts of world. Why there are people who starve daily for square meals despite the world we live in is blessed with bountiful of resources?

Just because people own properties, land, companies or some natural resources are eligible to make a fortune? On the contrary the wealth creators for them, the so called working classes always struggle to meet their both ends. Some say that it is destiny, whereas some brand it as rule of the nature. But there are some people who see this phenomenon from other side. They say its capitalism! An economic system defined by wage slavery and the accumulation of profit out of other people's work. They fight for the cause of these workers against their management who exploit them and solve their disputes, demand high salaries and good working conditions for them. Their vision is to see a day where the production and the society are being controlled by the working class themselves. They are not a next gen leaders neither they want to be led by somebody else. They are the source of inspiration for a better world; they are the torch bearers for the establishment of classless society...and world calls them with one name - Organise!

What is Organise!

Organise! Is the name of a group of working class people who believe that the root cause for the gap between the haves and have-nots is due the oppression of profit system. It is due to the capitalists exploiting the working class. Continue Reading


  1. Supporting the cause of Natalia Szymanska

    In October 2010, Organise! in association with other political activists and WSM group expressed solidarity with Natalia Szymanska – a Subway worker who was sacked by the management. This incident took place at the Subway restaurant on Great Victoria Street in central Belfast in Northern Ireland. As a part of the picketing the group informed the Subway customers and the passers-by regarding the issue of Natalia. The group even pleaded them not to use the services of the restaurant unless and until Natalia resumes her duties and get the money which she lost as a reimbursement. Continue Reading