What is Organise!

Organise! Is the name of a group of working class people who believe that the root cause for the gap between the haves and have-nots is due the oppression of profit system. It is due to the capitalists exploiting the working class.

Irked by this phenomenon they are all set to liberate the working class. Organise is also irate by the way the communities are ripped apart in the name of racism, nationalism and sexism etc, and are against the rich who are making a fortune at the cost of the working class. Thus, people of Organise are the harbingers of the revolutionary societal transformation, where the working conditions are same for every worker irrespective of his/her work, equal pay for workers where all of them enjoy the same working conditions and rebuild a world of co-operation where there is no scope for exploitation and hatred.

Organise the Genesis

Organise's tryst with history takes back to early 1980s when many an anarchist group used the same name and executed various works. Antrim Anarchist Groups were existed from 1984 to 89. Later after a gap of few years a new form of Organise known as 'Organise!-IWA' evolved in the early 1990s which was the part of International Workers Association. It was active for some years and also released four issues of 'Rebel Worker' a monthly news bulletin form 1989 to 1999 and couldn't see the light of the day later.

The year of 2004 saw a new dimension of Organise. Various groups like Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation (ASF), Anarchist Federation (AF), Anarchist Prisoner Support and a number of individuals formed into one congregation and named themselves as Organise. This group confesses that they are not having any differences with the other groups outside Organise, who are fighting for the same cause. Instead Organise declared that they are ready to stretch hands in expressing solidarity and sorting out issues to help the working class across the world and establishing a libertarian communist revolution for the betterment of the world.