Organise Activities

  1. Supporting the cause of Natalia Szymanska

    In October 2010, Organise! in association with other political activists and WSM group expressed solidarity with Natalia Szymanska – a Subway worker who was sacked by the management. This incident took place at the Subway restaurant on Great Victoria Street in central Belfast in Northern Ireland. As a part of the picketing the group informed the Subway customers and the passers-by regarding the issue of Natalia. The group even pleaded them not to use the services of the restaurant unless and until Natalia resumes her duties and get the money which she lost as a reimbursement.

  2. Supporting the cause of Traffic Wardens

    In May/June 2009, traffic wardens of Belfast were sacked. Organise! And other representatives of the workers unions along with the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance (Nipsa) understood the plight of these wardens and supported them. Almost 26 wardens have been alleged by the charges of organising and immediately they had been sacked by their employer NCP (National Car Parks). These 26 wardens constitute one-third of the Belfast's traffic wardens, raised their voice against the low pay packages, worker friendly atmosphere, issues related to uniforms, rotas etc and took up wildcat strike action against the management. Initially they were suspended and after 2 weeks they were sacked. Organise demanded the management to restore the condition and reinstate the wardens.

  3. Supporting the cause of Monica

    In July 2008, the Starbucks Coffee house in Belfast was stormed by Organise! and the WSM group, as both of them protested the firing of Monica a worker with the coffee shop without a notice. Monica was alleged that she was organising in one of the Starbucks premises in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She also refused to attend work meetings outside working hours as there was no pay for the time spent. Organise and WSM group appealed to the customers and passersby not to extend their support to Starbucks. They stood by her and demanded that she has to be reinstated and should get all the money she has lost due to this ruthless decision taken by the management.

  4. Supporting the cause of Womenfolk in Ireland

    In the same year of 2008 Organise took the side of women in Northern Ireland enabling them to obtain legal abortions. They left no stone unturned in protesting the issue and supporting, supporting the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland. This act enable the women in the local province can claim their abortions as legal. Organise! Appealed with four political parties in Northern Ireland and urged them to support the amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill in Westminster to extend the Act to NI – 41 years after its introduction in the rest of the UK.